Friday, January 13, 2012

Safety 1st giveaway ~ Andersons Angels

This giveaway at Anderson Angels is for a Safety 1st HD Digital Audio Monitor Set

Giveaway ends on January 15, 2012 at 12:01 AM and is open to US residents only.
As a childcare provider I was really excited to find this giveaway.  Safety 1st is a name I know I can trust in the purchase of Travel, Child Care, Home Safety & Play merchandise.
The HD Digital Audio Monitor Set being offered in this giveaway has so many features I love on both the Parental Unit as well as the Baby Unit.  As a parent, grandparent or childcare provider Safety 1st is a name we can trust.
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Tea Collection Giveaway ~ Happenings Of The Harper Household

Tea Collection giveaway ends in just 14 days!

I enter every giveaway I find about for Tea Collection because they have the cutest kids clothes. I'm especially fond of the wardrobe sets they offer. I'm bound and determined to get my grandson the five piece Superstars set, this comes with three long sleeve shirts & two pairs of pants.  They have great sales going on right now at Tea & shipping is free if you order over $150.00 or just $7.00 on all other orders. If you're shopping for really cute baby, boy or girl clothing this is where you want to visit.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

RuffleButts Toddler Dress

Giveaway ends on Friday January 20, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST

As we all know my first granddaughter arrived in mid October. I couldn't have been happier knowing I could purchase/make her little dresses! With two rugged grandsons I was ready for my very own Princess.  As we were leaving the appointment to determine her gender I was already thinking about ruffles & bows. Nothing can be too girly for her & the more ruffle the better. I am pleased to have found this giveaway for RuffleButts at measuring flower. As you will see in visiting her web site everything is just adorable including this toddler dress that is offered for this giveaway. This dress is 100% cotton and what little girl doesn't look beautiful in pink.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

inRandom: The Ozeri Duo UltraTM Salt & Pepper Grinder Review...

inRandom: The Ozeri Duo UltraTM Salt & Pepper Grinder Review...: I told you that I had one more product by Ozeri to feature for you, one that I use every day and one I am absolutely in love with. It is ...

KidKraft Review and Giveaway!

This giveaway ends on January 11, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST.

I have two grandsons I simply adore but I must admit I was super excited to find out I was going to have a granddaughter! She arrived a few months ago & my crusade began to buy "girl" themed toys & dolls. This beautiful and functional My Dreamy Dollhouse is the perfect addition to my collection of toys for her. As a child I didn't have a dollhouse and can see myself enjoying this as much as she will. Some of the features with this dollhouse are that it includes a 15 piece set of furniture (including a playing piano!), the lamps light, the doors & windows open and close, it's sturdy & large enough so me & her can play together. I could go on & on about this great dollhouse from KidKraft but it would be easier for you to follow the link provided and get your entries in using the easy Rafflecopter form.

Rockboard Scooter

Original Rockboard Scooter from M-Y Products.

You have until January 27, 2012 to get your easy entries in using the Rafflecopter form.

The Rockboard Scooter is a must have for all children. This easy to store/transport scooter has adjustable handlebars, a fold flat feature and can be used in either the Rockboard Mode or Kick Mode. With the weight capacity of up to 200 pounds this grandmother just may have to give it a whirl! Please get your entries in at;

Nostalgia Electrics Soft Pretzel Factory

One of my favorite things when going into the city is to get myself a large soft pretzel! I would love to be able to make these at home & eat then far more often. This great unit is available from Nostalgia Electrics or better yet you could enter to win yourself this great giveaway at

This giveaway closes on Friday January 13, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST so get your entries in now using the easy Rafflecopter form.


Have I got a treat for you! I am bound and determined to win a PlasmaCar for my grandsons so I seek out these giveaways and enter every one I can find.

This giveaway ends in 18 short days so get you entries in now using the easy Rafflecopter form. Open to US & Canada residents.

This great review makes it very clear to me that I also can ride this awesome toy, as it will hold up to 220 ponds!  I see this toy as a family favorite. The PlasmaCar is available in yellow, blue, purple, red & pink. The PlasmaCar has raving reviews and is a must have for all families. Please get your entries in here;


What better way to start the New Year than with a PlasmaCar giveaway?

This giveaway ends on Jan. 9, 2012 and is open to US residents only.
I'm a big fan of active toys that require kid power! As a grandmother to two boys of 4 & 2 I know they have lots of energy and would make wonderful use of this PlasmaCar. The PlasmaCar comes in a variety of colors and it's just plain adorable. It's perfect for children of all ages & if I could fit myself on it, I'd take it for a ride. This giveaway features the easy Rafflecopter form so get your entries in now: